7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
Just passed 1 yr warranty,and died.... If you can fix it, it is a GREAT 300ml diffuser that has cool colored lighting option! *See photos attached to posting*
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
good number of acetate sheet protectors in 3 sizes: 3-ring notebook, medium art, and large art portfolio sizes.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
One bag of silk swatches from Thai Silks. All types of weaves, the swatches are 2.5" square --please note, this is not and offer of yardage. Good for crafts or tilting.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
In my new house I found 2 brand new drawers left over from a home remodeling. Nice wood, kitchen or bathroom. one is 16" deep x 23" wide, the other is 18" deep x 15 " wide.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
This is an aluminum cookie tin, 12" diameter with a MIckey Mouse clock face. The clock doesn't seen to work, though
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
These are very pretty and comfortable black (lace) high heeled shoes. They have the name Starlet by Star Jones. I love these shoes but due to a condition I am un able to wear them. They have lovely lace with diamond decor on them.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
10 bottles and one tube of Acrylic Artists Paint. These are old, but the paint is still good and all of the bottles are at least half full. I really have no use for these. I am an artist, just not a painter. My grandmother was the painter. So I'd like these to go to someone who will use them instead of just leaving them in a closet for years to collect dust like I have.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
Good condition, i believe its 10 k gold.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
There are 10 pieces that together for a nice large wall to corner to wall desk area. They were donated to the church but do not have space for them. Would love for someone to take them and use them
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
I have a bunch of size 9 women s shoes Black pumps- Black pointed toe kitten heals- Nice orange running shoes- And a few other pairs. Must pick up, must take all.
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
We have dozens (& dozens) of Office Depot letter/legal size boxes. All are used and have tape around them but are still quite usable, We also have several small wardrobe boxes & one large wardrobe box, and lots of packing material: bubble wrap, paper, & a am bag of "peanuts".
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
36" deep, 72" long and 29" high
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
CARE-GIVER ALERT: New in box--we were given an assortment of supplies by a friend, we do not need these. Pick-up on front porch to be arranged.
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
Brand is TestWell Choice. Two boxes, 50 count and 16 count. 21Gx 1.8mm Exp.dates are 2019 and 2022 respectively. Sterile single use. Pick up on front porch to be arranged.
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
Starter brand Boys Ankle socks in Black and Grey. The package is opened, but they have never been worn. My husband bought the wrong size a few years ago, and I just found these again while going through my "junk" closet. I have no idea what size they are, however, as it says nowhere on the package that I could find so I placed one of the socks on top of the package when I took the picture so ma...
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
The only issue is a small stain on his head above the right eye that you should be able to see in the photo. Otherwise, there are no holes or tears, and no other stains. Sorry for the sideways pic. No matter how I orient my camera Freecycle always makes my pics sideways for some reason.
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
Folded in quarters, so the entire thing is not shown. There are a few small stains that are hardly noticeable. I don't know what they are and I have never tried to clean them so I don't know if they will come out or not. I got this second hand myself, and they were there when I got it, I just always put them toward the back of the tree. There is a tag, but if you look at the stitching it appear...
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
Some old kids magazines. Some Highlights, Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr, National Geographic Kids, and a Time Kids. If I find more before you come I will add them to the bag. See pic
5-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesFree Stuff
Sewing fabric of various types and lengths. Lots of it - approx fills a 5-shelf bookcase.
Clean mattress & boxspring from non-smoking household. Old, but lightly used. Call 520-347-1228 if interested.
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