30 minutes agoTucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
will pick up
30 minutes agoTucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
to go to a loving homeof 64 year old i am getting a new apt after 2 years with my daughter yeah .... ME !!!!! will pick up if necessary
19-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
Hello I am looking for a shower transfer bench for my grandfather he will be leaving rehab soon and has a fear of the bathtub and this physicality therapist recommended one of these it is not the chair but a bench that goes inside and outside of the bath tub Thank You for reading this post
19-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
I am trying to help my best friend out! She doesn't have money for wedding items for her special day. So I thought I would at least try to do anything I could to help her!
18-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
i spilled hot chocolate on mine thanks mike
18-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
I am a photographer and I am lookinh for a maniquin head to test lighting. If you have one from cosmotolohy school or something that you are not using I would love to have it. Thanks.
needs Chilton's or similar manual for a 2000 Dodge Caravan. Text 520-500-4732. Will pick up
Searching for a lawnmower, gas or elelectric would be great. I have grass I need to cut to reduce the amount of mosquitos. Thank you and God bless
17-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a Little Red Wagon. Thank you.
17-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
Got a rescue dog now we need a dog gate or baby gate. If you have one you don't use, please contact me. Thanks
17-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
Hi I am in need of a working vaccum. Dosent need to be super fancy, just work and also pick up pet hair. Thanks in advance.
16-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
I just moved and somewhere, somehow, my oak shelves disappeared. I'm looking for replacement parts. I'm looking for three shelves that are 31in X 11.5in.
16-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
Need walker to get around. Has to fold to get into car.
16-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
my grandson needs a bike to get to school and part time job - his was stolen. 26inch -he is 5ft 6in tall - doesn't need anything fancy - just transportation (I don't have a car)
16-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
I need some scrabble tiles for an art project. I'm looking for 3 As, 2 Ns, 1 T, 1 M,1 E. Thank you.
16-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
Need any roofing materials that you might have left over...thabk you..john
16-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a massage table! If you have one that you are not using please repurpose, thank-you!
16-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
My friend just had all of his toes amputated, does anyone have a folding wheelchair that we could borrow for a while until he gets better and can get around on his own?
16-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
Totally not from Arizona had been affected by hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas and lost everything, now I m trying to rebuild my life. Single mother of 10 children I am a hard worker just really need help with a working washer and gas dryer.
15-Jun-2018Tucson, AZ(25 miles)Items Wanted
Willing to pick up. Don t need to be usable for driving. Backyard project. Would love any sizes that can fit in a sedan for transport
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