Still looking for the plastic barrels suitable for storing rainwater for gardening. 2 would be perfect, but 1 or 3 O.K., too. I can pick up.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
I am attempting to have a fundraiser for a friend whose husband is battling cancer. They have a two-year-old and a six-year-old and she s had to quit her job to be a caregiver. I would like these drugs so I can put them around the school as a fundraiser to collect coins. I ve contacted water companies and they recycle them I will not donate them. These are going to a great cause!
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Hello there, My friend just fostered her sister-in-laws baby who was born yesterday. She already has custody of the two other boys so money is extremely tight. Anything and I mean anything would be greatly appreciated. He s a big boy already so any clothes would have to be 0-3 months in size to fit him. Thank you to anyone who is able to help!
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I have a computer company BOB DOES I.T. https://bobthetechie.wixsite.com/bobdoesit. I was wondering if anyone has non-working computers you would like to donate, so I can fix up and give to people who cannot afford them, thank you
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
I am new to the area and ISO a bicycle to get to work. Preferably one for a short person. Twelve to fourteen inches. Thank you in advance. Julia ~
Hello all, I am looking for a broken LED flatscreen television. I can pick it up and take it off your hands! Thanks! Please text at 520 261 3727. Text only, no calls. I will not answer phone calls.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
I need make up please I have no money.
7-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Im just really in need of a new door. Not sure how to measure it properly to give dimesions, ie., from edge of door to edge of door or from frame to frame?
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Im looking for a wood chair any shape cause i can restore it.
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
You know those shelves that stand over/above the back part of the toilet. I need one. Hopefully a cupboard type. It must be in very good condition to meet the standards of those I live with. They won t allow it if it s not. Thank you in advance!
6-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Window cooler ,any condition I can repair..thank you
5-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
want to make carrot juice
5-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Hi Folks, Just moved to Tucson and am in need of a bed! Please let me know if you have one I can pick it up Saturday Aug. 11, 2018!!!
5-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Hey y'all, I want to build two more garden beds and I'm all out of flagstone to edge them. I'm specifically looking for the long, rectangular pieces (strips/veneer) but will take whatever you may have lying around. Willing to trade/pay minimally for it as that's all I'm capable of. Thanks so much for your time! Kyle
5-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: tinker toys for art project.
4-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
I'm making a wanted item to test a things
4-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Filmed at Tucson High -- to show to new students there. Can also pick up Westside, Downtown, Southside and Tucson Mall area. Possibly other parts of town too. Thank you! Thank you!
3-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
Hi, my current bicycle is in a terrible shape and I'll probably get ride of it for scrap metal. It'll be great if I can get an adult man's bike to commute around school. Thanks please text me 5202726348
My best friend and I are starting over and we are in need of home furniture. We spent all our savings on deposits, move- in costs. So, we need specifically either 2 small beds or one large bed. We actually need everything. We have a car and can pick up any of your unsed or unwanted items. Melanie and Angelina 5 2 o 4 4 0 3 six 4 8 and Melanie 520 270 6223 Thank you
2-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +25 milesItems Wanted
looking for a sleeper sofa for the living room
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